Lets You Conduct Rater Training and Certification Online -- From Your Desktop

Learn what leading rater trainers in the medical research and healthcare industries already know: RaterTraining.com provides everything you need to conduct high-quality, intelligent, and affordable rater training and certification on the Internet including:

  • Customizable, sophisticated online assessment capabilities,
  • A global network of Expert Raters,
  • A wide range of current assessment instruments,
  • Tools to capture and store metrics in real-time, and
  • 24-hour Web-based worldwide access.
Designed and hosted by the leader in online training services, RaterTraining.com delivers the ideal combination of sophisticated eLearning technology and in-depth attention to research trainers’ unique requirements. In combination with the online Hillicon TrainingCampus technology, you can facilitate efficient and effective individualized Web-based rater training and certification in real time from the convenience of your desktop.

RaterTraining.com solves the mounting challenges and growing complexities of assessing raters — allowing you to improve training quality, productivity, and frequency of your rater training activities, and minimize rater drift.

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